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Pulitzer Center 2020 Highlights

In an extraordinary year, the Pulitzer Center supported journalism and education that connected people across borders and shined light on under-reported topics.

Role: Editor, Remote Production Coordinator

'Tips for a Successful Pulitzer Center Grant Application'

What kinds of costs does a Pulitzer Center reporting grant cover? What makes an application stand out? What are some red flags to avoid? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this video featuring Pulitzer Center editorial team members Steve Sapienza and Nora Moraga-Lewy.

Role: Editor, Script Developer, Remote Production Coordinator

'Journalist's Toolbox: Photojournalism'

How can we tell under-reported stories with photos? Journalists Melissa Bunni Elian and Pablo Albarenga give four tips for planning, capturing, and choosing images, with examples from their reporting on the globalization of the Afropunk festival, and Indigenous rainforest defenders in the Amazon.SHOW LESS

Role: Script Developer, Editor, Remote Production Coordinator

'Journalist's Toolbox: Interviews'

How can you use interviews to tell under-reported stories? Journalist Natasha S. Alford gives four tips for building trust and asking questions, using examples from her reporting on race and identity in Puerto Rico.

Role: Script Developer, Editor, Remote Production Coordinator

'Journalist's Toolbox: Descriptive Writing'

How can you use descriptive writing to tell under-reported stories? Journalist Tristan McConnell gives four tips for bringing your audience into a story, using examples from his reporting on the endangered afrormosia tree for

Role: Script Developer, Editor, Remote Production Coordinator

'Journalist's Toolbox: How to Find Under-Reported Stories'

What do under-reported stories look like, and what are some tips for finding them? Nathalie Applewhite and Marina Walker-Guevara of the Pulitzer Center editorial team answer, using work by grantee journalists Daniella Zalcman and Sim Chi Yin.

Role: Script Developer, Editor, Remote Production Coordinator

'Journalist's Toolbox: What are Under-Reported Stories'

What are under-reported stories? Steve Sapienza and Nora Moraga-Lewy of the Pulitzer Center's editorial team explain.

Role: Script Developer, Editor, Remote Production Coordinator

'The Pulitzer Center: 2019 Highlights'

Taking a look at a year of journalism and education for the public good with the Pulitzer Center.

Role: Editor, Production Coordinator

'Washington Weekend 2019'

Two days of student reporting fellows sharing their work and learning from professional news media makers.

Role: Director, Editor, Camera Operator, Production Coordinator

'Pulitzer Center Teacher Professional Development Workshops'

A short video to promote the Pulitzer Center's workshops for teachers— how to bring the news into your classrooms.

Role: Director, Editor, Camera Operator

'Beyond Religion: Conference Highlights'

A highlights video documenting the Pulitzer Center's third annual conference, this year centering reporting on religion and faith across the world.

Role: Director, Camera Operator, Editor

'Digital Education Programs at the Pulitzer Center'

Bring journalism into the classroom with lesson plans, journalist Skype sessions, and more through the Pulitzer Center.

Role: Editor

'Everyday DC 2019'

What does Washington, D.C. look like through the eyes of the middle schoolers who live there?

Role: Director, Editor, Camera Operator

'Losing Earth: From the Air'

A short film made in collaboration with aerial photographer George Steinmetz, for the 2019 Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC. 

Role: Editor, Production Coordinator

Reporting Fellows: Multimedia

An introduction to the multimedia tools of journalism that Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellows can use on their fellowship. 

Role: Director, On-Camera Talent, Editor

Reporting Fellows: What Now?

Next steps for Pulitzer Center student reporting fellows once they've been awarded the grant.

Role: Director, Camera Operator, Editor

'2018: Pulitzer Center Highlights'

A look back on the work of the Pulitzer Center, the leading nonprofit supporting global reporting in U.S. media.

Role: Production Assistant

'2018 Student Fellow Washington Weekend'

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting hosted a two-day conference for student fellows, journalists, and editors.

Role: Co-Director, Camera Operator, Editor

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