Event Video

'Power Play: The Capital Hearings' Fall 2019 Concert'

Washington, DC's premiere a cappella group, The Capital Hearings, performs at Live! at 10th & G.

Role: Camera Operator, Video Editor, Audio Editor, Production Coordinator

'Washington Weekend 2019'

Two days of student reporting fellows sharing their work and learning from professional news media makers.

Role: Director, Editor, Camera Operator, Production Coordinator

'Beyond Religion: Conference Highlights'

A highlights video documenting the Pulitzer Center's third annual conference, this year centering reporting on religion and faith across the world.

Role: Director, Camera Operator, Editor

'Everyday DC 2019'

What does Washington, D.C. look like through the eyes of the middle schoolers who live there?

Role: Director, Editor, Camera Operator

'2018 Student Fellow Washington Weekend'

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting hosted a two-day conference for student fellows, journalists, and editors.

Role: Co-Director, Camera Operator, Editor


A performance piece about occupying your space with integrity and realizing your story is one worth sharing. Performed & produced for F. Tanglao-Aguas's Sex & Race in Plays & Films class, spring 2017. 

Role: Talent, Sound Engineer, Editor

TEDx @ William & Mary: The Revolution of Pseudoenzymes

Role: Camera Operator

TEDx @ William & Mary: Hospitality in a Culture of Displacement

Role: Camera Operator

TEDx @ William & Mary: Lessons from a Soldier Turned Comedian

Role: Camera Operator

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